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Maintain Your Energy Body To Avoid Illness

energy blockage
Blockage or Knots in energy body which may cause disease in physical body.

Do you know all the diseases which we ever suffer in life are deeply rooted, hidden in our energy body, before they manifest in our physical body. Medical science is not aware of energy body, it can detect and start treating when our physical body is in grip of it. So why we should not cure it in energy body before it manifest and makes us ill.

Who we are ? Only this physical body ? No, of course not. We are something different which stays in this physical body and leaves when it dies. We all are actually DIVINE SOULS, a cosmic energy that sustains and maintains our entire existence. Our energy body sustains our physical body. Energy is the common medium of our body, mind, emotions and soul. Our souls are immortal and will continue to live even after we pass from this world.

What makes our soul live eternally ? ENERGY. Our soul is an energy, and that divine energy is the part of us that lives forever. The physical body which we hold in each lifetime is simply a vehicle or shell for our energy body, or soul. Since our true self is our soul, so we must take care of its energy level because when this energy level is high we are vibrant, positive, healthy, joyous and full of life and when it's down we are full of many types of negativity or illness. That means we must cleanse, purify, nourish, maintain, balance, heighten and develop spiritually our energy body in order to have a healthy, blissful life full of joy inside our physical body.

Since energy gives life to our entire existence, it is extremely important to maintain and balance it. Unfortunately, most people aren’t even aware of their energy body. They have no idea that it exists, much less an understanding of the relationship between their good health from a vibrant energy, or an illness from depletion in their energy. If we don’t treat our energy body, we never really get to the core of the diseases we suffer and therefore they may never be completely healed. Drugs can suppress and treat the symptoms but we must address our diseases and sufferings at the energy level as well. When we maintain a healthy, balanced, uplifting, rising energy level, our energy body will be able to release anything blocked, knotted or negative in energy channels that could create disease or illness. In the video of spiritual reality below you can see how our energy channels are blocked and result in diseases in future.
Clearing, balancing, releasing and increasing our energy level also allows our body to constantly heal itself. With regular maintenance, our energy body will naturally keep us mentally, emotionally, psychologically and physically healthy. It’s that simple. Sustaining a vibrant and flowing energy system is the key to a healthy life and spiritual advancement.

Everything is vibrational in this Cosmos, we are part of it and in it so the cells of your body are also vibrational. We all are light being. our wellness is about the transfer of Energy, from Cosmic Source to us on a cellular basis. We are having many Energy Center points within our body. Illness is not because cells turned bad, it's because cells are blocked not being allowed full energy response. It’s sort of like an electrical short.

Mending a physical body is the simplest thing in the Universe, because the cells are eager to transmit and receive. Cosmic Energy, or God Force, is eager to transmit and receive.

¨You could be diagnosed with every deadly disease known to man — but you could be lying in your bed in a state of utter allowance, and allow the Energy of Source to flow through to the cells of your body — and you would have an instant healing! It is not about the body needing to rebuild. It’s about opening the vibrational circuits. That is all that it is.”

In addition, eating natural diets full of vegetables and fruits having vitamins and minerals greatly enhance our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual performance as well as heighten our energy level and overall well being. Providing the body with sufficient amounts of each helps support all body functions. When we maintain a nutritionally healthy physical body our energy body is also maintained because it has the support it needs to keep our energy level high. Some regular physical exercises, breathing exercises, yoga asanas, meditation, full body massage ( at least once a week ) and a slight massage on top of our head with pour mustard oil daily will greatly support us to keep our energy level high.

Our body is the temple and our soul is the inner sanctuary. Despite the fact that our true self is our soul, our soul dwells in the body we have. An unhealthy body robs us of our energy and therefore affects our soul. Our body can not be neglected because it houses and services our soul. It also directly relates to our psychological, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well being. Just as pollutants, chemicals, electromagnetic waves, negative places and people deplete our energy body, a lack of exercise, yoga or meditation and an unhealthy diet depletes our energy as well.

When we feel pushed beyond your comfort zone, our body will do whatever it takes to allow us down time. Energy Workers, Psychic Healers, Yogic Gurus and Alternative Health Care Providers can help us maintain a healthy energy level and are wonderful preventative maintenance. Most of the time, people seek medical care after they already show symptoms of a problem with their health or body. If we regularly use energy healers as maintenance check ups, they will be able to diagnose a potential problem before it manifests into something serious and often before symptoms occur. This is because they address our health at not only the physical level but the mental, emotional and spiritual levels as well.

Since our illnesses and pain stem from a combination of these aspects of our self, it is important, and mandatory, that our health care also addresses each of these areas. When a potential problem is diagnosed and treated, we eliminate the need to create illness, pain and serious health problems of any kind in order to deal with it physically.

When you support, maintain and maximize your health at the spiritual, mental, emotional, and energetic level, the need for Western medicine diminishes. Your body won't have to create illness, pain and disease as a result because you have diagnosed and treated yourself of the underlying cause.

I would like to mention my own case, I received energy transmission ( shaktipat ) from my Guru in 1988, since then I am a regular practitioner of Kundalini Meditation and during these last 28 years I have never fallen ill even for a single day. And as for as any disease is concerned I am confident no disease can ever affect my body and its also my confidence if anyone is having any incurable disease and if he stays with me for some days in my energetic aura then he will definitely get cured. I have seen my Guru successfully treating many patients of cancer the same way. I will write more on this subject in my future posts which will be on Energy Transmission ( SHAKTIPAT ), Kundalini Activation, Layers Of Energy Body, Chakra System in Energy Body.

A regular practitioner of Kundalini Meditation attains the state of KAYAKALP, means his body is free from all diseases and its the mission of my life to share the gift of guru with others.

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