Gems are the most precious gift of God to Mankind. In ancient times, people treated Gems as Gods. Gems have been used by people in different ways. It has Curative Powers as well as the power to pour in Fortune and drive away the evils of our Planetary Position. Certain gems and stones have magical powers of healing and fortune giving. Gems have made life happier to many individuals. These are widely used to get benefit from the planets as little gems carry never ending source of rays of the planet and continue even after years. Every Gemstone has a History of its own.

Performing remedial measures and wearing stone for a particularly planet helps increase the positive aspects of the planet in the horoscope. Scientifically, recital of mantra for a particular planet forms a protection layer around man. Stone increases the benefit aspects by concentrating rays of the planet and causing this energy to flow into the human body



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    Hessonite Garnet is also known as Gomed which is associated to planet Dragon's Head, Hessonite Garnet is a precious stone and recommended to remove the ill effects of Planet Dragon's Head (Rahu).



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    Blue Sapphire is also known as Neelam which is associated to planet Saturn Blue Sapphire has the divine power to give mental peace, wealth & happiness by removing all hurdles of the native's life.

  • OPAL


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    Opal helps in increasing attractiveness, artistic quality, grace, and charm. It increases the positive influences of Venus such as stamina and wealth. It also provides blissful marital life and good health.



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    Yellow Sapphire is also known as Pukhraj which is associated to planet Jupiter, it is said that Jupiter is most auspicious Planet. This gem gives material wealth, prosperity and status. It brings success in business and growth in services.

  • RUBY


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    Ruby is also known as Manikya. It is associated to the planet Sun, which is the supreme power of Solar System. It improves the leadership qualities and puts a person at the forefront.

  • CAT's-EYE


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    Cat’s Eye is also known as Lehsunia, which is associated to planet Dragon’s Tail it is the planet of ultimate spiritual awakening.
    Planet Ketu indicates the false arguments, bonding, restlessness, wondering speech, conspiracy, black magic, tantra, smoking habits, dreams, wicked thoughts, swelling in the body, empires, states, and philosophy.



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    Emerald is also known as Panna which is associated to planet Mercury, Mercury always resides along with Sun or at minimum one house ahead or behind the planet Sun



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    Red Coral is also known as Moonga. Mars represents natives bravery, patience, tolerance, spirit, steadiness, anger, lies, disgustingness, jealousy, protectiveness, excitements & many more. Mars is the commander in chief of the nine planets and considered as the god of war.



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    Pearl is also known as Moti. Moon plays a special role mostly every aspects of life of native like Relationship, Luck, Fame, Business& many more.

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